Fishermen Show - Huyền Thoại Làng Chài

Fishermen Show – Huyền Thoại Làng Chài – Mũi Né, Phan Thiết Việt Nam

Fishermen show is an interactive portrait of Kinh and Cham ethnics inspired by fishing village in Phan Thiet in 1762. The show unfolds the legend of a whale skeleton drifted to Phan Thiet sea. The body sacredly honored as South Sea General was worshiped at Van Thuy Tu temple by Phan Thiet people in their annual sea festival. The soul turned into a fisherman living with village people, supporting and saving village men at sea.

Fishermen Show - Huyền Thoại Làng Chài - Mũi Né

Fishermen Show – Huyền Thoại Làng Chài – Mũi Né

In this legend, audience will follow the fisherman seeing the daily hard work life of local fishermen with fish market at dawn and the beauty of sweat droplets on the salt field. The fisherman lost his way to the Cham village sacred dance respecting Shiva God at Poshanu tower. He found his love, a Cham lady for a romance on flying sand dune of Mui Ne and in Kate festival with lively ginang drum and saranai trumpet. Deeply touched by village women singing in vain for a peaceful journey of their husbands, the fisherman saved the village men at sea in a severe dark storm. To pay respect to this savory, Phan Thiet people tribute God of Whales with traditional praying song at Van Thuy Tu temple. The show closes with a belief of protection from the sea and opens up a rich and fruitful life for all the village people.

Fishermen Show is the only show in Vietnam where professional contemporary dancers and local musicians using traditional instruments with live singing, together with flying equipment, LED screen, flying sand dune, ox and cart, all bring alive Mui Ne Phan Thiet fishing village culture. Audience can both experience local culture and enjoy world class art performance. This show should be a “must” for someone living or traveling in Mui Ne Phan Thiet.

Tickets can be booked via 090 11111 666 or bought at Fishermen Show theatre, 360 Nguyen Thong street, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet. Ticket price from 200,000 VND – 500,000 VND


Detailed schedule is at available at:

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